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Google Home will be cheaper than Amazon Echo


In the last event of Google I/O, we met a new device from Google trying to compete with Amazon Echo offering an alternate Assistant to houses. This device was called Google Home, a gadget that also had an attractive design to fit with different designs that can be found in the houses.

Until the time not knew much more than the device of Google, but recently have known not only the price that will have the device but When is launch this rival of Amazon Echo, being more near what we think.

Apparently Google Home will have a cost of 130 dollars, still 50 dollars more economic that Amazon Echo. Also discussed Google Home will be presented officially in the next Google, event October 4, i.e., to be presented next to the new Pixel in Google.

Google Home will come with a new Chromecast and two mobile phones, on October 4

But Google Home won’t be the only device that will be presented during this event. Refers to a new Chromecast more powerful and functional than current models, but also a gadget that it doubled its price the current price, for what many already speak of a mediacenter or Fire TV and Apple TV.

This we do not have much evidence to indications from various Web sites that have documents, but if you have to keep in mind that Amazon has recently updated its Echo Amazon prices, presenting an Amazon Echo Dot more economical and powerful. Something that could be the response from Amazon to a threat like Google Home. In any case, let’s see whether this device, it seems that the new Google event will be very interesting and not only for those who like mobile phones, but for whom we love to try out new gadgets and new features.

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