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Google is overwhelmed with the amount of pre orders of Pixel

Do you remember when Google not made hardware because it did not sell enough? as it is not the case, the pre-orders of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are so above the expectations of the company that if you order one online, low will take a month to arrive, even living in United States.

No doubt Google Pixel has received the blessing of the specialized press and the public seems to be going up to the wave of the pure Android and unpretentious hardware. Scenario against which were confronted with the Nexus, and up to half of the price.

Since Google ensure that: “are excited to see the excitement of the people by new phones Pixel, and frankly, the demand in the pre orders has exceeded our expectations.” “We are working to normalize the stock of our inventory as quickly as possible”. 

Certainly the Pixel has been a goal of half court for Google and if them things continue thus, Samsung and Apple have much of what worry is, because the boy new of the neighborhood is threatening, and strong.

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