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Google is working on option to turn off your phone if you lose it

Then Google to update only a few days ago a system to find your lost, now apparently mobile phone, the company wants to give one step further and implement a system on Android open source which will disable device in case that the user cannot regain your mobile phone lost or stolen and want to use an extreme measure.

Although currently this is not possible, Google intends to propose this idea to the different manufacturers that use its operating system on their mobiles to develop a command called “Nuclear”, which allow to put an end to everything, whether information and even the operation of the device, since this not may even ignite neither nor can recover your information by removing its parts.

There is still no clear information on whether Google plans to release this option in the near future to all users of the system. However, there is a possibility that a similar system implement some platforms of the company, as the case of Android For Work, soon to be able to safeguard information.

If it manages to implement this measure in a short time more, unfortunately would not exist a tool to disable this option in the event that users find their devices or just want to recover your data. This is why Google needs to add new software features allowing to retrieve blocked information if users want to do so.

It is no certainty of when the company would be thinking of brand new this new option. What we do know is that it will not be part of the next update to Android, but perhaps the company is thinking of implement it in future system upgrades.

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