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Google Keep now classified by categories based on thematic autocreated notes

Google Keep

The “smart” is becoming one of the most common words in many apps and services that automate processes that formerly needed our help manual to solve certain tasks. If we look at the personal assistants, in a matter of years, many of the actions that we perform with our smartphone will be carried out by themselves.

One such “smart” is it takes Google Keep, one of the best apps for taking notes that is characterized by its combination of skills. Keep new feature will help you to find new and old notes even if you’ve never taken the time to mark them with a tag. The free app now organizes your notes based on auto-created themes.

When same Evernote yesterday announced the increase in prices for its Premium and Plus options, which is a restriction on the basic account, now is Keep that elevates the quality of your app to get a feature “smart” ones that will help us to classify all those notes that we are doing. The themes created automatically can be from food or places to travel and so many more.

The truth is that Google has not explained exactly how the app, but Keep taking some tracks of the words you use notes to classify them. A simple example of its use is that when you create a note that puts ‘do the suitcase for the trip to Paris’, the app will automatically associate that entrance to travel. Quite useful, especially for those who are the very vague to go organizing all the notes and the ready-to-do manually when some good simple tools such as the colors of notes.

The feature should be expecting much on Android as iOS to update the app from the online stores.

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