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Google launches a new beta for Android Wear 2.0 for developers

It seems that the Google guys want to mark the rhythm of the different manufacturers of smartwatches, manufacturers precisely what says happy are, not seeing the parsimony has taken Google with Android Wear. But they aren’t the only ones, since developers are seeing as the launch of the first major update of Android Wear can be delayed once again. Google yesterday launched the fifth and so-called latest pre-release of what will be the end of Android Wear 2.0 prior to arrival defined on 9 February, as we inform you more than one week ago.

Everyone who is developer and want to download this latest version, must be passed by the official blog for developers, whose latest version offers us as main novelty device iOS, support a fundamental part of the development of Android Wear to be able to reach a greater number of users not only limited to the Android platform, but as we all know will have the same limitations as currently the latest version of Android Wear.

This latest beta, has also included support for NFC to carry out payments through the smartwatch, just as we can do with the Apple Watch today. At the moment we do not know if finally Google will have enough time to release the final version of Android Wear 2.0 to 9 February, may I walk a bit just in time and again forced to delay the launch once more.

Google goes evil at worst with Android Wear with their continuous delays and limitations for manufacturers, which could force them to consider the possibility of adopting the mobile platform Tizen of Samsung in future models, a platform which currently has a very limited number of applications but is offering great performance and reliability results.

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