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Google lowers at 100 euros the price of the Huawei Watch in your Google Store

Huawei Watch

Despite them recent presentations of the Samsung Gear S3 or of the Asus Zenwatch 3 the Huawei Watch continues being one of them best smartwatches that we can find in the market, by its elegant and sober design and by some specifications that are undoubtedly any of it best of the market. Also today we have a very good news regarding the clock smart of the manufacturer Chinese.

And is that Google, imagine that by mediation of Huawei, has lowered the price of the Huawei Watch in 100 euros, leaving its price in the 349 euros. Previously we could find the device by a price that is fired up to them 449 euros.

Also should bear in mind that orders from the Google Store have no charge in it comes to shipping. If you prefer also can buy this Huawei Watch through Amazon, without having that yes the superb warranty offered at almost all levels Google.

In price in the shop virtual is something more economic that which we find in the Google Store, although that itself through sellers external. If you want to buy it directly through Amazon you can buy this Huawei Watch for 345 euros, that if having to pay anything for shipping costs.

Are shuffling the possibility of acquiring a Huawei Watch with the succulent discount that us has prepared Google?. Tell us it in the space reserved for them reviews of this entry or through any of the networks social in which are present.

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