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Google made tests with Andromeda, its SO hybrid Android / Chrome OS, in a Nexus 9

Nexus 9

October 4 not only it will be important to Google by the presentation of these items, such as the Pixel, Google Home, DayDream and Chromecast 4 K Viewer, but that software will also have its value so it will mean Google Assistant and the possibility that we are present to Andromeda, its OS hybrid Android/Chrome OS.

Now we know your hybrid operating system Android / Chrome OS is has internally called “Andr√≥meda” and which is being tested in a device Nexus 9. Yes, this tablet that went without attracting much attention and was developed by HTC 2 years ago. Is this time that there are tests evident of that Andromeda could make its appearance the 4 of October.

Google would be testing his impending OS hybrid in a Nexus 9 manufactured by HTC. The evidence is due to what has been found in the AOSP Android 7.0 Nougat. The first thing was the file “SurfaceCompositionTest.jave”, which means a series of low-level tests to measure graphics performance. This test makes direct Andromeda reference on numerous occasions, including Andromeda requires higher scores on performance.

According to this tool, the minimum score needed to operate Andromeda is 8.0. By comparison, Android only requires 4.0 and a Nexus 9 has been able to get a score close to the 8.8.

Now the mystery is in the reason why Google would be testing its hybrid Android / Chrome OS on this tablet. By what we know, Andromeda is focused on getting a better Android designed for devices as portable, like those 2 to 1, and perhaps, even tablets. Another notes that have been found in the AOSP, refers to the characteristic of free window management that appeared throughout the year in Android Nougat.

“” is which mentions that you detect Android devices to have the characteristic of Management-free windows. It seems everything is focused to another step in Android.

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