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Google Maps already allow you to choose multiple destinations on a same road


Google Maps is one of the most widely used around the world uses to plot routes and reach destinations on descocidos occasions for almost everyone, no problem or difficulty. In recent times Google is working on improving all its services, but especially this and today we have raised with the good news that we can now design a route with multiple destinations.

This is something that many users have been much time asking, since on any route is something normal to have several destinations, and that now we can begin to use and take a tremendous advantage. Explained with a practical example will be useful for example to set as a destination restaurant, and can select intermediate stops at our friends house to pick them up without having to go entering destination to destination.

At the moment this functionality is unfortunately not available for everyone and is that it is present in the 9.31.2 version of Google Maps, which at the moment not that anyone can download the official Google app store or what is the same thing the Google Play.

In the majority of occasions Google launches in a short time the application in an official way, with total safety in the coming days we will be able enjoy new functionality of Google Maps, which imagine that like me, you are going you to take great advantage when designing routes or travel.

How about the new feature of Google Maps that allows you to add multiple destinations to a same path?.

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