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Google mocks Apple in the first promotional video of Pixel #madebygoogle

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From the time same of its presentation official, Google has left in clear that his intention with Pixel was it of build a device that is felt as new, with hardware and software developed in its all by the company.

He first material promotional on this smartphone, published in the channel official of YouTube of Google, plays with that same idea of innovation, but is takes a second to mock is of Apple and its decision of delete the input for headphones in the iPhone 7.

pixel audifono video

In the second 45 video, after listing a series of distinctive innovations that are in the Pixel, appears a text where it is revealed that this smartphone Yes retains the 3.5 mm connector, which is not anything new but satisfactory that follow this.

The music stops, creating an uncomfortable silence, someone carraspea and then the promotional still, highlighting thereby the hint to Apple, the obvious direct competitor of Google with its new Pixel. But it should be noted that this was not the only allusion 7 iPhone during the presentation of Pixel.

When to Rick Osterloh you played talk on the camera of the smartphone not had repair in say that this was the best evaluated of the history, and without need of ruin the appearance uniform in the body of the phone with an extrusion for the lens.

All points that Google may launch more attacks against the iPhone 7.

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