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Google Now has new cards on the Copa America Centennial and the euro

Up the Copa America Centennial, which has given what is already talking on several peculiarities, and this weekend will do the same the Euro 2016, by which Google does not want that the followers are not informed and losing some detail of both events, so we have prepared some new Now Cards special for the competition.

These letters or cards, that run through the wizard Google Now, will give us data on results and the duels of the teams that are participating in both Championships.

nexus2cee_footballhero nexus2cee_Screenshot_2016-06-06-10-56-50 nexus2cee_Screenshot_20160606-114655

According to Android Police, some users are receiving this option, which is queried them about their favorite teams to be able all the news related to the national combined.

The same medium also reveals a somewhat particular data about these cards, because when choosing the favorite team in the euro, not listed France, being that it is the host, as this occur with United States in the Copa America Centennial.

Surely with the passage of days all users can access them, although it is likely that only those whose countries are in competition will receive them.

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