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Google photos now lets you synchronize the deleted photos

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Google photos still looking for the ways to get the best user experience possible for photos you have locally and the synchronized are carried in the best possible way. Since it was launched has been incorporating innovations to be able to clear the local storage and cloud from the application itself, which has improved that we can better manage the images that we are taking with the phone.

Now he brings us a very interesting feature, and which has been appearing since version 1.23 of the app. This offers the deleted photos synchronization between photos and Gallery of third-party apps. Previously, when you took a few pictures with your mobile phone and was an automatic copy Google photos, go to another third party app for the Gallery, the deleted do not you wanted to keep, would be still in your Google photos account. This has now changed as discussed below.

Photos are now enough “smart” to realize the changes that you have made with a third party gallery app and be encangara remove them also. An example is clear these photo blast you do to take better capture a moment. From the Gallery of third-party app, you could delete that wanted, so Google photos did the same thing without having to open the app and repeat the process.

An interesting novelty for synchronization that takes more integers to save us having to repeat the same process twice since our smartphone if we are accustomed to use a third-party image gallery such as Quickpic or that come installed with the custom of most manufacturers own layers.

This feature is being deployed with the version 1.23, so surely that already have the update in the Play Store. We leave you with a trick that can come to you well and that is related to the backup.

Download the APK from Google photos 1.23

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