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Google photos stored selfies 24 billion in one year

A year is fulfilled since the launch of Google photos, as the app for the management of images stored on any Android device. Now, on the occasion of this anniversary the company has revealed some impressive numbers on the achievements of this service during the past 12 months, showing a bit of the habits of behavior of users, which have a marked taste for self-portraits.

According to a publication on the official blog of the company, since may, 2015 and to date more than 200 million users have joined Google photos, both in its Android version of iOS. This figure had already been disclosed during the inauguration of Google I/O 2016, but there is more data that were unpublished until now.


So far have been created over 1,600 million animations and videos through its cloud service, while 2 billion tags have been designated saved photographs, where highlights a total of 24 billion images catalogued as selfies.

Total of photos processed by Google photos translates into close to 13.7 petabytes of storage, something that would take about 424 years uninterrupted in order to see each portrait.

They are impressive and disturbing, particularly in terms of privacy, figures considering that cloud service forces to those photos go through Google’s servers.

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