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Google Play Store has an applications uninstall Manager

With the passage of time, the applications that we can use our cell phones become heavier in size, as it is the case for example with the case of a game. This can be a problem for systems that have limited space, without an option to extend the storage, so we must call in some cases have to eliminate some programs.

As a measure of support for those who have this problem, Android Police reported that Google has integrated a uninstall Manager to Play Store, that will warn us what services can eliminate to win capacity on our terminal.

While there is no certainty of when was the moment that the Mountain View company added, if there are users who have pointed out that a notice has come to them that it is advisable to uninstall applications that have not used for some time. The signal appears when we try to install any software and we are informed about how much storage need to be available so that it can be loaded on the phone.

Gestor de desinstalaciones

While it is a good tool, is not yet perfect, since it gives not even warnings about file uploads that we can contain in the cell and that can be deleted or carried to the cloud, such as videos, music or photos.

At the moment, some users have reported having this option, although probably still continue working on it and so is that it has not been informed officially.

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