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Google prepares the VR version of Chrome for Android

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard allows you to travel and experience spaces well special to be able to play videos in virtual reality, but what would happen if one would feel that same experience when you browse with a web browser? Soon, as we know today itself, you will be able to do it without major problems, according to the news of Google.

Google is working on Chrome VR version for Android, recently appearing the builds of Chrome Beta and Chrome Dev for Android show the principles for bracket to virtual reality. Chrome Beta includes a WebVR setting that allows you to explore the web sites created for use with the VR.

And is that also a VR has been found in this beta shell that would allow you to Browse the web with Cardboard or a DayDream terminal, even if the web site you visit is not ready for virtual reality. As it works now, you should take your Cardboard to be able to explore a web site that is not suited to virtual reality.

VR Shell in Chrome Dev is not completely ready to use, what is not surprising since it is in Chrome Dev, an app that aims to test features in a very alpha state. But the fact that it is included in Chrome Dev, shows that Google is working hard to ensure that this feature is available.

Google is also working on adding support to Chrome for Oculus Rift and HTC lives. The most interesting stand for reality on the web is that it will be a great extra to own Chrome for Android. And although a web browser would not be one of the first things that one would have in mind when they think about the VR, that I could get to browse the internet without more fun, apart from being one of the most important features for what would be a Daydream.

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