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Google releases new beta version for Maps

Google has launched a new program for users of the Android system in which from now anyone can register and test the new beta for the Maps application.

Thanks to this, now you must only register as a tester and you will have the option to try all the improvements that the company shows with beta versions released to the market constantly. In addition, Google enabled a platform where users can leave their proposals or errors encountered when installing and using a trial version for applications.

Remember that to install a beta on our phone we must eliminate the application in its normal format and with this we already use it correctly.

The company announced that it will no longer need to be a Developer to download these trial versions, since now everyone can register and experience improvements in beta versions.

Finally with this new feature, expect that people feel to participate in improvements to the capabilities of each app, since the main idea of this change is to generate a feedback with users, accepting proposals and the search for errors to continue improving day by day.

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