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Google sells the units Pixel XL 128 GB in less than 24 hours


Those of Mountain View have of that cheer is to the know that all the units of the Pixel, in its version XL and 128 GB, have been sold in less than 24 hours. The more expensive version of the four available reaching the price in dollars from 869 dollars for a Pixel with 5.5 inch screen and 128 GB of internal memory.

Google Pixel has been openly criticized by all parties by the change of heading that has taken Google of those Nexus that were more some smartphones dedicated to developers (at least in its origin) and by convert is in that that many have hated, phones of range high to a price high. Whatever it was, there are many people willing to pay those prices for a Google phone with some exclusives.

Continue to the criticisms, the conspiracies and other adverse opinions about a Pixel phone that it seems that she could not settle where it has done so and that space is only for the technological sacred cows that we know by Samsung and Apple.

In the first impressions of Marques Brownlee, a famed youtuber that presents as nobody them new devices mobile, is can find a phone with best finished and sensations of which is have could get in the presentation same or them different images that has shared Google. We already know that Mountain View have so much art to sell products as others, but this does not mean that they can not launch excellent products.

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As it says the most rated comment on that video of Brownlee 2.463.008 reproductions in merely two days, does itreally matter who copied whom? That one buy the phone that you like and for nothing there are that justify that purchase that some need to criticize when not bought the device that think acquire. As it could be, behaving like an adult is the best way.

The reality is that now we will have another brand stuck squarely in the high-end high-priced, not can Google it?

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