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Google sues über for stealing secret information related to autonomous vehicles


There are many companies that are today in the development of all the technology that is used to get any vehicle moving in a completely autonomous way and, as expected, these same companies sooner or later going to begin to confront each other on patents, theft of secret information…

The first that seem to have entered into this long and stormy relationship have been nothing less than Google, or rather Waymo, a company owned by Alphabet that has just be created to handle everything related to hire freelancers, and Uber, or at the same time, a company of über as Otto, responsible for developing autonomous trucks.

Waymo denounces Otto for stealing almost 10 GB of confidential information in development of sesores LIDAR.

Entering a little more in detail, as has just been announced, apparently Waymo has sued a person in particular, Anthoy Levandowski, an engineer with enough experience in this sector, which in its day I work for Google and left the company to mount Otto, which today has become an important Executive within über.

Demand speaks that Anthony Levandowski could steal to Google when it was of the company no less than 14,000 confidential documents owned by the multinational where appeared a large number of technical details about the hardware used and developed by Google in their autonomous vehicles such as details about the use and placement of different LIDAR sensors.

Apparently Google learned all this because of an email sent by one of the suppliers of ÜBER appeared where one of these schemes. The problem is that curiously, and reportedly accidentally, Waymo e-mail was in copy. According to the complaint of Waymo, apparently in his last weeks at the company, Levandowski could download 9.7 GB of confidential information of the company.

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