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Google trans-Pacific cable starts today

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While wireless technology has made great advances, even large companies are developing new projects with ancient technologies as Google has launched a trans-Pacific cable connecting Japan and the United States, most notably in Asia, will offer Internet connection to users in Asia with the United States servers.

The company NEC Corporations, the company responsible for the hard work of Google has made the announcement. Also reported that the trans-Pacific cable will be known as “fast”. The company has named this cable trans-Pacific with that name during the construction of the cable, the staff was much repeating those words.

This trans-Pacific cable will allow speeds of 60 terabits per second

The truth is that faster or better said this trans-Pacific cable reaches very high speeds for a cable. It is said that he reaches more than 60 terabits per second in its transfer rate, a figure of scandal that will sail at very high speeds in the eastern part of the world. But it is also true that this cable has a double intention because Asia is one of the areas where Google has less influence and can gradually this will change. In any case, this task has not been only Google’s liability, other companies have been involved in the process. Among the names of these companies are China Telecom or KDDI, two of the largest telemarketers in the eastern part that will make Google technologies begin to sound more forcefully in these lands.

But what most caught my attention is that the project has been left in the hands of Google Fiber, that Department of Google or Alphabet which seems that it will have a life of its own and that it could stand as one teleoperator more, but a telephone operator who operate around the world as you can see with this project and many others that Google wants to connect the United States network with networks of other continents will have a competitor more Fast and Google Fiber?

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