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Google will display information about the earthquake in your browser

One of the advantages offered by the technology currently is to access information with respect to a natural disaster that is occurring in a particular place. Key was, for example, during the last earthquake that hit Chile in September 2015 the option that mobile signals to keep in line, to thus be able to review sites with data around this episode.

The abovementioned case is one of many earthquakes that they feel in the world, and therefore Google has paid attention to this, since it has been reported in his blog that now searches that have the concept “earthquake” or similar, will give a summary at a glance at the top of the search page.

Thus, in the case of if we review on a mobile, the information will include data such as the magnitude of the earthquake, a map of the affected areas, tips to stay safe in case of aftershocks, among other recommendations.  Also, we can say that it will show us a map that will show the areas where the quake had scope by means of different intensities. This, in order to be able to know the epicenter of this.

It is to say that it will also keep users abreast about other recent tremors, so in short, you won’t have to as exhaustive search in if you want to access content around this natural phenomenon.

It is noteworthy that, according to the service geological survey of the United States, a year occur near 500 thousand earthquakes, being 100 thousand of these detectable by population.

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