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Google would manufacture its own smartphone this year and will not be a Nexus

It’s only a matter of time, less and less, so confirming the existence of the Sailfish, the new smartphone from the family Nexus developed by HTC, that would represent a leap for this family of devices; However, has now emerged a new rumor suggesting that Google would actually expand its presence, with a new terminal built entirely by them.

Traditionally Google did team with other manufacturers, like LG, Motorola and HTC, to produce, assemble and distribute commercially their smartphones for the Android platform: the Nexus. But a report published exclusively by the Telegraph claims that the company is preparing everything to launch this year its first device created and marketed entirely by the company.

The text published notes that this new phone it would be totally independent of the Nexus family, and the design, and manufacture the software will be borne entirely by Google. If true this rumor, the company virtually become an almost identical to the Apple entity.

There are no major foundations or backups for this risky report, however, it is prudent to remember that just a few days ago leaked the fact that Huawei would be developing its own operating system, independent of Android, to eventually abandon Google, if your company policy changed radically.

Perhaps this was what concerned… and already doesn’t sound so crazy after all.

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