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Gooligan is the new malware that affects millions of users on Android


Gooligan is the new malware that affects more than one million users of Android devices with the problem of infringing the privacy of infected users. In this occasion we will see how know if our device is affected or not by the malware Gooligan that appears in 86 APK that is found in the shop of applications of Google.

These affected users are basically those who use older operating systems Android and it is that today we have a pretty fractured market despite improvements in recent years. The problem of this malware is that it is made with root access and get total control of the smartphone or tablet.

For now Check Point security firm has been responsible for publishing this news which mainly explains that is control of the device and that the affected devices are devices that run Android 4.x and 5.x. To find out if our device is among those affected, we must Access the tool created by free Gooligan where we can see if your account is affected or not.

This type of malware takes advantage of vulnerabilities in older versions to access the user’s data and keep important data in addition to impersonate at your leisure. The truth is that the best antidote for this type of malware is the device have updated to the latest version available, but is the fish biting the tail in Android because of operators, manufacturers, and others…

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