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Graphene transistors reaches to allow speeds of up to 100 GHz

transistores de grafeno

From Russia an interesting comes at the same time effective project where we have literally managed to develop a transistor-based Graphene that has left its own creators literally open-mouthed before certain characteristics technical rather than interesting as it may be the fact that energy consumption is lower than in similar devices while the clock speed of the processor that makes use of it can grow exponentially until the 100 GHz.

This project has been carried out by scientists from the Institute of physics and technology in Moscow, Russia, and to come to show a new application to Graphene, a material in which many work showing surprising theoretical applications but that unfortunately not just arrived none the market unable to get these applications to be truly viable economically in the market.

Thanks to these new Graphene transistors, a processor could increase your internal clock speed up to 100 GHz

Entering a little more in detail, the research shows that thanks to the transistors made from Graphene a processor might work with very low voltages, less than 0’5 volt, something that today is literally one of the challenges of modern electronics because, as insurance know, that thanks to use one lower power, electronic components would warm less that would be , at the same time, that he could work at a higher clock speed.

At the technical level, researchers have developed a new design for Graphene-based transistors. Thanks to this you can increase the Tunneling current, one of the most promising alternatives to the conventional transistors, which would make this new model would be much more practical. Two shape layers are used for their manufacture, and it is here where the real discovery for researchers, that the energy of their electron range has a different shape to that produce the majority of semiconductors.

According to statements made by Dmitry Svintsov, responsible for the research:

If processors require less power, less heat is generated, so the cooling systems will be less potent and clock speeds can increase without concern that excessive heat destroys the chip.

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