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Guide to the rights and duties of users of the telecommunications area is launched

While it is true that many times the mobile operators and telephone companies do not deliver good service, is not a mystery that consumers often forget some of their responsibilities when it comes to services or products purchased, as the care for the environment.

Therefore, that Entel, along with the Organization of consumers and users of Chile, ODECU, have been working together since April of 2015 to promote good practices among consumers and businesses. To do this, both sides presented an informative guide with the duties of consumers, as well as a list with the rights of users and an invitation to be responsible to the environment.

Entel is a company whose main focus is the client, therefore, day by day, we continually meet your requirement. In this regard, we want to increasingly are better informed about their rights and also their duties, so they may as well use our services in the best way. Also we know that the use of the service has impact on the environment, therefore, worry about the final disposition of the equipment and our customers are invited to be part of this important value chain that involves the recycling”, said Manuel Araya, Manager of regulatory and Corporate Affairs of Entel.

In this regard, the President of ODECU, Stefan Larenas, said so there are good practices in the sector, the companies or the State will not only expect that the average consumer must also have an active participation, being part of the demands of their rights as well as responsibilities apply.

This guide will be diffused in different workshops for social leaders which will be held in different regions, in an initiative that has also an important ecological factor, recalling the effects on recycling technological waste.

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