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Hacked? will help you to know if your accounts have been or not hacked


It is always more desirable to be able to know if any of your accounts, even if you don’t know for sure, has been hacked. For this the best, before using any type of software is monitored by yourself trying to discover if something changes or by directly changing the password and possible accounts of support where to send it for frequent. If you can not or do not want to perform this type of actions rather than recommended, you can always use applications as Hacked?, completely free and available to all Windows 10 of the market devices. You can download it from the shop of Microsoft.

Basically what does Hacked? It is a monitoring system for your emails alerting you immediately if they have tried to hack any account. For this the app connects to the website haveibeenpwned, an online database that is constantly updated with all security breaches that are generating the hackers from around the world. As you can see, one form easier and little bother, already that the application runs in background, whether you have or not a problem of this type.

Before dismissing me, I’d like to try aware that, contrary to when your computer, smartphone… has been infected with a virus, they often leave a number of traces that help its possible detection. Unfortunately that your account has been hacheada is much more difficult to identify because all hackers commonly tend to erase their traces so get that attack is undetectable so you might use an app of this type can be much more comfortable and easy to use for all users.

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