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Half of the Android in the world have a vulnerable encryption

Android is the world’s most popular mobile platform, but that brings as a consequence that is also the most attacked and vulnerable, the amount of new threats that arise for this operating system is impressive, but it is not for less, since it is, according to a study by a specialized firm, more than half of the world Android terminals could be violated without further complication.

Duo Security company has published via his official blog this alarming estimate, due to a new vulnerability in the encryption of Android, revealed not long ago by the specialist Gal Beniamini, which it would be possible to break the encryption of any terminal with a Qualcomm processor that runs on Lollipop.

The critical vulnerability discovered by Beniamini would take advantage of the own hardware and architecture (FDE) full disk encryption implemented by Google from Android 5.0 Lollipop to make brute force attacks that can break the protection of encryption on the processors. There is a patch of security that could prevent in part a possible attack, but its implementation not has advanced both.

The problem, says the Duo Security team, is that most devices Android worldwide, 57 percent of them, to be exact, are still working on versions earlier than 6.0 Android Marshmallow and without the patch, a factor that has been stimulated in part by the manufacturers themselves, which have delayed the jump to latest mobile operating system.

The smartphones of the family Nexus and the Galaxy S6 are the more protected, but all them others still exposed.

Here you can check the list of the most exposed terminals.

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