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Have you deleted something by mistake? iPhone Data Recovery is the solution


Of the hand of tenor­share, company specialized in software of repair and recovery of devices iOS and Android, us arrives iPhone Data Recovery, a powerful tool that we will allow recover them WhatsApp, notes, contacts and even photographs deleted by error of our iPhone. This tool is compatible with all the iPhone from the iPhone 4 until the iPhone 7. Let’s talk a little about acercad and iPhone Data Recovery, and about what kind of functions has to save our important information. However, not is this the only possibility of this incredible tool of software for all the public, you have much more about iPhone Data Recovery.

Scans and retrieves files selectively


IPhone Data Recovery is that you allows in just a few clicks and form automated recover all that information that we had already given by loss, and not just talk about information that has gone by errors of the system (which we’ll talk about later), but those data that we have draft by mistake. For this simply have that start the tool iPhone Data Recovery and plug via USB the device to our PC / Mac, Act followed choosing the mode that more us agree and the type of files that want to recover, since the possibilities are practically infinite.

The program will begin with the scan that shows through a progress bar. In addition, the configuration will allow us to select between three languages, Japanese, English and French, in addition to Castilian clear. Meanwhile, can take us a coffee as well indicates the program, but it true is that not you will take more than three or five minutes and already will have all the information that have selected, available for to run the backup.

Once the scan is complete, it will show us a preview, application-by-application of the content that has been found in our device flash memory, and thus we can filter and retrieve only the data that interest us.

Endless possibilities


Through iPhone Data Recovery you can recover all types of information in a variety of formats, this is the basic list that the application offers us and which is subject to updates.

  • Messages (with attachments)
  • Notes (with attachments)
  • WhatsApp (with attachments)
  • Contacts
  • Calendars and reminders
  • Calls and messages from Viber
  • History of calls
  • Bookmarks and favorite of Safari
  • Photos
  • Documents from applications
  • Voice notes
  • Mailbox for voice
  • Videos
  • Tango

Not is nothing short of features, but the reality is that 7 iPhone Data Recovery it is able to do much more, and is what you want to show below. The application will not be limited to the data that can be found on the device, but it also attend copies of iTunes with iCloud if we so wish.

As not could be of another form, the software is fully compatible with iOS 10 and the iPhone 7.

Retrieving information from the iTunes backup


iPhone Data Recovery also is capable of analyzing our iTunes backup. If previously or at some point, we have made a backup, encrypted or not, on your PC/Mac, you can access it via iPhone Data Recovery, in fact the tool automatically locates it and it shows them on the screen so we can choose which suits us. In this way, we can recover not only lost our iPhone data, but those data are present in the backup in iTunes that you want to retrieve for any reason.

It is capable of recovering backups of iCloud


If retrieving data directly from an iTunes backup you had not left enough astonished, iPhone Data Recovery also is able to download and analyze our iCloud backups to capture all that vital information, with the same qualities that if doing so directly on the iPhone. To do this we have to use our Apple ID or account iCloud, however, tenor­share team promises us that the data are encrypted and are used only to connect to the Apple Server, so you do not risk our privacy.

Repair the iPhone if it is stuck at the Apple logo


That logo Apple we all fear. When a device Apple is “bricked” (fatal error in the operating system), constantly appears us the logo of Apple and fails to boot. iPhone Data Recovery provides us a last chance. It will analyze the entire device to find the corrupt operating system files and repair them, so that we can enjoy our iPhone without losing even an only data. To do this we will use the recovery tool and it will just take us a few clicks. Like the rest of the tool, it is extremely easy to use.

How to get iPhone Data Recovery?


To get a copy of iPhone Data Recovery simply we have to go to their website. Once inside, we have a free trial with abilities limited and temporary, and the full version of the program, which currently is at a discount from the usual to € 49.99€ 83,99 it costs now. As it could not be otherwise, the tool is compatible both with 10 Windows and macOS. In addition, on their website you will find other tools of the company tenor­share, recognized in the sector, and which will allow us to solve our problems on iOS and Android both Windows.

  • Download tenor­share iPhone Data Recovery for Windows
  • Download tenor­share iPhone Data Recovery for Mac

Opinion of the editor


  • Design of the application
  • Is in Spanish
  • Price


  • Sometimes crashes
  • Not suited to resolution Retina

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