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He design of the Note 7 again in the point of view of their problems


Possibly this is a recurring theme for many of those present, but really there is no one official reason on the problem of the Smasung Galaxy Note 7 and this brings the head to many people. In this case the charge to revive this topic is an external company and it seems clear that Note 7 batteries design is the main accused in these fires.

And is that the company Instrumental as many others has been hands to work to solve the problem of these terminals and new the little space between the battery and other internal components is the possible cause of the failure.

It is clear from the photos that teach us in this new independent study and that left in the bottom, the narrow margin of separation between internal components and the battery, so taking into account batteries heat up and expand, something that they had to know the South Korean engineers and is possibly the cause of their problems.


The worst thing about all of this is that the company remains firm that is not a problem with the design of these Galaxy Note 7 and this is something that several companies have denied very clearly. Us not are engineers to tell if is or not a problem of the design of the terminal, but this was the cause that more companies specialized pointed when emerged the problem, now is still confirming with new studies but not there is response official and to the end is which really all are waiting for.

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