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He meets Aipoly, the amazing application for people with visual disabilities

During CES 2017 presented an application developed by people who needed her truth, blind people and people with other visual disabilities, and recently available in iOS. It is Aipoly, an application for recognize objects, colors and soon, to identify scenes. Any audible way.

It interesting is that through networks neural Convolutional running directly in the phone, the application is capable of understand what sees through the camera of your phone, to then say it “in voice high”. More amazing still is available in seven different languages.

As if not enough, its creators are working on a few glasses with the same function, all through a touch interface extremely understandable and easy to use.

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On his official website you can sign up to be notified soon as it launches on Android. In CES 2017, she won an award for innovation. If you have the opportunity to try it, do it, glad to see things so well done, and don’t forget to recommend this who may need it.

You can access all its functions free for a week and it costs USD $4.99 a month.

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