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He Xiaomi my Mix will have more edges of it expected and of what is sees in the images of the terminal


Yesterday Xiaomi presented formally along with my Note 2 a surprising mobile device, dubbed Xiaomi my Mix and which stands out mainly by its screen 6.4 inch covering 91 per cent of the front. In the first images of press that the manufacturer Chinese showed all we were quite impressed of them non-existent edges that had the device.

However a time seen in the reality the terminal, the thing has changes partly and is that them nonexistent edges have appeared, that itself being millimeter, but doing that the terminal lost something of its attractive.

As you can see in the image that we show you below, we can see on the one hand image that showed yesterday Xiaomi Terminal and next to it the actual image taken by one of the few who had access to test the device that hit the market in November at a price of 475 euros.

Xiaomi Mi Mix

Is true that them edges of the screen are very reduced, but are very far from be what is could see in the image promotional, where seemed that the screen occupied until the limit of the device. Still being quite impressive this my Mix, but if Xiaomi had shown directly the terminal think that many not us had led this small disappointment.

Course from the manufacturer Chinese already is have excused saying that perhaps them images with the background dark give place to confusion, but much I fear that not has too much justification, although repeat continue speaking of a phablet rather than interesting with possibly them frames of screen more reduced that have seen.

Do you imagine that there could be such a difference between the promotional image and a real of Xiaomi my Mix?.

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