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How can I improve my WiFi network security?


Today we will try a too classic theme, but no less important. WiFi networks are as beneficial as dangerous, and there are many people around our with sufficient technical knowledge as to stick a scare through our WiFi network or a WiFi network to which we are connected, so you will give some light advice on how improve your security through WiFi connections, thus saving us more than a scare , and why not, to scare away the free riders who enjoy the internet connection that we pay.

We are going to follow some basic guidelines, which although they do not ensure you a hundred percent foolproof protection, will serve for the vast majority of the threats that we can find, so we can navigate safe and quiet in our Wi-Fi environment.

  1. Do your smartphone connects automatically to the free WiFi? Do not do it. Indeed, if you have auto connect to open WiFi networks, we recommend you don’t do it, there are many access points in public places that we found, but some of them are created by and for the theft of data, navigate through an unknown router can provide access to our navigation data.
  2. Change the SSID of your wireless home. The SSID is WiFi identity, this is how we locate what our WiFi connection at home, avoiding to connect the neighbor. The advice is that we should change the SSID to establish a custom, many times, the content of the SSID is sufficient to know the failings of our router and password, and access it through databases of passwords that we find on the internet.
  3. Change the default password. Equal to that before, we have specific databases for passwords on some routers, so we recommend that we change the password, always with WPA2 encryption to include letters and numbers, uppercase and lowercase. Some data that we ourselves are easy to remember but that the encryption libraries do not reach to obtain.
  4. Regularly checks the network environment. Take a look in your router or thanks to the maps of connection, to make sure that there is no connected device not recognize.
  5. Still unsure? Use MAC filtering, so only devices whose MAC can connect your let. This security measure is avoidable, but the combination of the five I have provided almost unbreakable makes your network.

Free WiFi? Nobody gives four pesetas hard

Click here to see the video

Fantastic, we’re in an airport and we are a Wi-Fi connection free of charge and unknown. Beyond that we are, everything is about saving data rate. But this can get out expensive, we see in the video as a computer expert, Chema Alonso (Microsoft MVP and employee of Telefonica), takes advantage of the so-called free WiFi connection to access the private data of any user connected to. That is why, we should always doubt free WiFi connections, can cause us some disgust.

We should never exchange sensitive information through free or unknown WiFi connections, it is true that data rate saving seems delicious, but shot can get out by butt. We must learn to be responsible for the use of internet, is an increasingly globalised world, and the network has become dangerous in according to aspects. Following these small guidelines we can exponentially increase our security on the network, it is true that they are not infallible, but really, no one is safe on the internet, but it is clear that much more difficult to say it is to caco, best.

We hope that these simple tricks you have served to increase your security and scare off scroungers residents of the non-WiFi. More and more are “thieves” that announce theft of WiFi connections for a small fee, shielding you against them and improve your security, it is much more important than we can imagine.

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