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How is the OnePlus 3 inside? We show you in video

OnePlus 3

OnePlus phones have become by merit one of the favorite by many users phones since came to the market its first version and is not for less. The company always has launched phones with high-end prices rather than adjusted components and has always been behind the users when they have had a problem with your device, something difficult to find in most Chinese manufacturers.

Whenever a new handset arrives to the market, experts tend to undergo various tests. The first always is related to the stiffness of the device and how much endure in trying to bend it. Precisely this test has not offered very good results to the terminal, but now we are talking about the inside of the device.

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Many are users and technological means that are praising the good performance and functioning of this new terminal, although problems that is causing the memory to be partly wrapper, it has not grace to many users, but the battery life is the first thing on a smartphone, the things are. On this occasion have not been the guys at iFixit responsible for gutting the interior of the device, but they have been the FoneArena, which has been responsible for dismantling the entire device to see piece by piece who is the manufacturer of each of the components, which is part of the third version of OnePlus.

As you can see in the video, we did not find anything unusual inside despite the small size of the same and that had caused many rumors claiming that the company could have used components of worse quality, somewhat illogical, given that the different components of the terminals today, each year are smaller in order to meet such expectations of users wanting more and more thin phones. Particularly I see the current thickness of between 6 and 7 mm right and ideal. Not just me, I really want to, is that if the components are smaller, manufacturer chooses to add a larger battery instead of trying to lose weight to maximize terminal.

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