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How know what say the drivers of Uber on you

To this height all know how works über, their rates dynamic, times of expected, and course, that at the end of a trip, you you das of 1 to 5 stars to the driver, besides have the option of comment things extra, already are positive or negative. They make it same with the passenger, and as to they them affects this rating, to you as user also.

The rating is handled from 1 to 5, with decimals. A driver with less than 4.7, at least in Chile, it is punished and taken out by a set time, or from spoiling will eject you uber. It is given to users with bad rating less relevance in their alarms when they ask for the service, and if it is good, more relevance, you can even touch a über Black asking an über X.

To see the rating you have given drivers you must follow these simple steps: opens the app slides the menu options on the left, go to help, account and payment profile, qualifications and account settings, I want to know my score, press submit and whoa – the! is there.

While you may have a bad rating, drivers working for need, so you’ll get your equal travel, but be sure to be more friendly this time, since it is too low, you can earn a ban and can not anymore occupy the application, by heavy.

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