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How to watch live the event of Apple with the new MacBooks?

The time has come, after the release of their iPhone 7 a few weeks ago, now is the turn of hardware “desktop” of Apple, with its event that will reveal their new MacBooks models and we look forward to a another surprise. Not much change schedules or the form see it regarding past events so let’s go directly to the hard information.

What time does it start the event?

The hours officers are the following:

San Francisco (California) 10:00 hrs
Mexico 12:00 hrs
Colombia 12:00 hrs
Venezuela 13:00 hrs
Chile 14:00 hrs
Argentina 14:00 hrs
Spain 19:00 hrs

How do I watch you live?

Also not many changes, all those who have an Apple device can see directly through Safari. Microsoft users will have to access the web site of the event in Windows 10 using the browser Edge.

And if I need anything like that?

Again VLC Player comes to the rescue, some of the links below should serve without problem by placing the URL into the program:

Remember: you have to open it from the main menu of VLC and select the option “Open network stream” (or “Open MRL” or “Open broadcast network” in Spanish). Addresses will be used as soon as you start the event so that patience. Here a visual guide on the subject.



You can download VLC in the official website or download the application from Google Play.

Not is departure of FayerWayer during the day, that them will bring here same all the information fresh of what presents Apple in some minutes.

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