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HTC 10 begins to receive Android 7.0

HTC 10

Seems that this year the main manufacturers of devices have depressed the accelerator before others years and many van to be them terminals that can enjoy of Android 7. A few weeks ago LG G5 began receiving it, shortly after they have been the Moto Z, Galaxy S7 will do so next month. But while those users of the S7 of Samsung await, them few users that are enjoying of the HTC 10, already can update your device to the last version of Android 7.0. And I say few, because despite being an excellent terminal, sales have not accompanied flagship of HTC, we do not know whether by lack of advertising or excessive price that has the terminal since its launch.

The signature Taiwanese has announced through its has official of Twitter, in launch of this update, by what along them coming days will begin to be available in all them terminals that currently is found in the market. But it seems that it will not be the only terminal of the firm that you will receive the latest version of Android, because as reported by HTC, the HTM One M9, the previous model within the high range of HTC. That if, up to the year coming will not come, as is the case with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

What is clear is that companies are prioritizing Android updates in terminals high range as it is logical to try to retain brand users and that the first hurdle will not be abandoned without updates. Second priority inside the high-end terminals launched last year, as we have seen with the M9 HTC and the S6.

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