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HTC delay once again the launch of its smartwatch


There are many companies that have been uploaded to the market of the smartwatches with your own watch intelligent, a strong focus on this market in full growth. Many others have long determined to climb up, but do not end to take the final step of presenting your device in an official way. One of them is HTC, that as it has become known has again postponed the launch of its wearable.

Information has made it known Evab Blass, through your profile on Twitter @evleaks. Needless to say that giving who gives the news all believe it to foot juntillas and is that Blass fails very little, not to say virtually anything, but on the date of the launch of the smartwatch has already failed once.

The new HTC smartwatch that already we have seen previously in several leaked images and some other video where trying to go unnoticed, you will finally arrive in autumn as it has unveiled Blass. Unfortunately this new date should put it in quarantine and that they have already been many delays suffered by the Taiwanese company Smart Watch, one more wouldn’t be at all a surprise.

What a clusterf *: HTC wearable bumped again, to the fall. Hurry up, HTC, before people realize that they don’t really need these products.

-Evan Blass (@evleaks) May 27, 2016

At the moment touch wait by this smart watch, which we read and hear so much that almost no one has clear whether it will be for example round or square, or if it will have Android Wear or not. Sincerely me and almost everyone expected a very good smartwatch by HTC, but this long wait and continuous delays are doing that we pick up you a little “fesqwerbuggat” to a device which not even we know yet.

Do you think that it will be in the fall when we can finally meet the new HTC smartwatch?.

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