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HTC just with the waiting list to purchase the live HTC


It HTC lives is one of the most promising cases of virtual reality of those we can find us in the market, which had so far with the complication that done with one of these devices, due to the great demand, was a frankly difficult mission because of the large waiting list had.

Luckily, HTC has decided to eliminate the waiting list so that any user who is done with one of these gadgets can receive it at his home in just 3 days. That Yes, this currently only applies to the United States.

The Taiwanese company did not want to confirm at any time the number of devices HTC lives that has sold, but if boasted at one point that he had received 15,000 reserves in the first 10 minutes when they went on sale at the end of February.

Perhaps now the demand has fallen and so HTC has been feasible eliminating the waiting list, something that we hope to also happen to other buyers from other countries around the world.

The world of virtual reality is still in its infancy and all companies are suffering delays in deliveries of its devices, but HTC seems to start to work in the right direction and they have already achieved progress on Oculus Rift, its main competitor.

Are you one of the many buyers of HTC lives?. Tell us the reasons that led you to acquire this virtual reality headset in the space reserved for the comments on this post or via any of the social networks in which we are present.

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