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HTC Sailfish, the future new Nexus 5?

Time ago that HTC does not live for your best time, almost since the emergence of the HTC One M9 sales began to plummet, and that made the company to return to work with Google, but this leaves no convincing easily.

The current range of Nexus, HTC worked so that their models were part of it and not got it though for the future range of models, possibly if you succeed. Recently HTC Sailfish information has filtered by mistake, the nickname of the new Nexus 5 which will be presented at the end of this year along with Android 7. Nexus 5 does not have large specifications so it seems that the flagship will be the Nexus 6, device of will have the nickname of Marlin, but that we do not know who will be its manufacturer.

HTC Sailfish will be devoted to the mid-range phones

As for the HTC Sailfish, terminal will feature a 5 inches FullHD screen, with Gorilla Glass. The brain and heart of the terminal will be a Quad-core processor at 2 Ghz with 4 Gb of ram and 64-bit technology, so far unknown manufacturer and the internal memory is 32 GB. In addition to this the HTC Sailfish with Wifi, bluetooth 4.2 controls and two cameras: a 12.3 MP rear and a front of 8 MP. The device will have the usb-c that probably will allow a fast charging of your battery, 2.770 mAh battery. The current Nexus 5 X has a 2,700 mAh battery.

The specifications of the HTC Sailfish are running to be a mid-range terminal, so the price possibly exceeding the current Nexus 5 X it seems that Marlin will be the high-end device, but what will again this Marlin? Unfortunately it is all we know of this new device and can that information be changed or that finally Google will not have its terminal, although if so what future will wait for you to HTC?

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