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HTC would release another phone of range high this year

HTC is those companies which never ceases to surprise us (for better and for worse). After an excellent 10 HTC, the manufacturer received to 2017 with two new terminals with decent specifications at an absurd price. Now HTC has announced that it will launch another high-end sometime this year.

Seven phones that prepares the company for this year, at least one of them will be a top of the line. In an interview with Tbreak, Chialin Chang – President of smartphones and devices connected on HTC – anticipated that they prepare another phone and it justified the use of a Snapdragon 821 in the HTC U Ultra. Chang said that everything has to do with the time of development, since U Ultra was planned with 9 months ago.

“This is the best CPU that is. When the next CPU is released, HTC will be among the first to have it,”says Chang, although this is not 100% true since when Snapdragon 835 is launched, the Galaxy S8 and ZenFone 4 will be the first phones to have the new chip from Qualcomm.

HTC will not make announcements at Mobile World Congress and predicted that when a new CPU is released, HTC will do the same with his flagship. Perhaps this occurs with the next revision of high range of Qualcomm and MediaTek chips.

Just hope that when the time comes, HTC is prepared and surprised us for good, since the Ultra U is far from being a competitor for phones of high range, that will be released this year.

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