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Huawei Android or to Mate 9 testing begins

Recently, Google announced the availability of Android for developers, releasing the first compilations for Nexus and Pixel equipment. Since then have revealed many of the innovations that we expect from face to its official launch.

While Google has not released the source code for Android or completely, share their work with device manufacturers to expedite updates. Meanwhile, Huawei has already begun testing of Android or to Mate 9.

User duraaraa from XDA Developers shared this information with the XDA portal, which reports based on evidence that, effectively, Huawei does not want to wait for the official launch of Android or to begin work on the update.

(c) XDA(c) XDA

At least for Matt 9, who stars in a couple of screenshots that confirm the existence of a compilation aimed at engineers from Huawei. Depending on the user, the WiFi works well and failed to install the Play Store and the Google services Play by using commands.

(c) XDA(c) XDA

Also disclose this information, unfortunately for Huawei Mate 9 users who want to see first-hand what Android or, the user did not share details about how to install the compilation which, given its purpose, is not recommended for everyday use.

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