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Huawei boasts of the camera of the P9 with a photograph taken with a camera reflex

Huawei P9

When Huawei launched to the market of form official the expected Huawei P9, this is saw wrapped in the controversial to the say the manufacturer Chinese that the camera had been manufactured by Leica, for then more afternoon have that exit to the step confirming that had collaborated closely for its development, certifying also such camera.

Now the manufacturer is back in the spotlight and is that days ago published a promotional photograph on their social networks, with a text that is resalataban the benefits of Huawei P9. The photography that you can see Headlining this article the truth is that called the attention of any. The downside for all buyers of the P9 or interested in it, and the problem is not taken with the device, but with a camera reflex more than 4,000 euros.

The failure of Huawei was that sharing photography, this keeps their EXIF metadata by which anyone can check in a simple way that the image has not been taken as the Chinese manufacturer with its flagship.

The message that accompanies to the picture is the following; We have managed to capture a beautiful Sunrise Delicioslyit. The #HuaweiP9 dual Leica cameras make capture pictures in low light conditions a pleasure. Reinvents the photo with your smartphone and share your photographs of the dawn with us. #OO

In a vote of confidence to the Chinese manufacturer, perhaps they wanted to associate an image of high quality and resolution with which they carry out with Huawei P9, but the truth is that I have been to all good no doubt whatsoever. Now see what is it version official that us offers that secure that not take too in reach.

Do you think will get Huawei succeed of this controversy?.

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