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Huawei breaks its own record selling 140 million smartphone in 2016

Huawei Mate 9

To this day, believe that it is not no mystery to speak of the well that is doing Huawei in recent years. Its well do, has got Eaglets to the company until figures that not is had imagined in a future close, while its rival in Chinese, for example, continue seeing as each time sold less devices. Currently Huawei is the third manufacturer in the world with regard to sales of devices, behind Samsung and Apple. But according to some statements made by the company, Huawei has in mind to achieve the leadership of this classification in the next few years, something which undoubtedly will cost you lot of sweat and a tear or two.

According to can read in Android Headlines, the Vice President of the company Huawei, just of announce officially that the company has got sell along this year 140 million of devices, what is 32 million more than in the same period of the year last. If the company continues with this rise, it is likely that within a few years, he can unseat Apple as a second manufacturer who sells more devices around the world, but to make that happen, it would already have to doing wrong Apple in the coming years.

Honor, the second brand of Huawei, is also seeing as the figures of sales of its terminals are starting to emerge. The latest model presented by the company, Honor Magic, is a movement that shows us the trend that will follow the mother company, Huawei during this next year. He Honor Magic us presents a terminal with the screen curved in all their sides, practically without edges to both sides, confirming the trend current of it most of manufacturers, that have seen as them frames should disappear, if or if, at least starting by them side.

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