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Huawei CEO talks about the future of the company, Leica and its mobile with Daydream

Huawei futuro

Huawei has become in a short time in one of the most recognized companies and their smartphones have been located in a rather special position if you want to have one that has great quality and come with a set price. Several have been qualities by which this Chinese manufacturer has been able to become the third largest manufacturer in the world, something which is not achieved by the pretty face one.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal newspaper, the CEO of Huawei, Richard Yu, said that for fall, they will have a virtual reality-ready phone from the hand of the standard Daydream which comes integrated in Android N. Yu also took a few words to talk about the future of the company with regard to its agreement with Leica, the German seller of optics we’ve seen your first step in Huawei P9.

Lu says about Leica, this agreement to carry their work, experience and lenses, at least in the following terminals because Huawei P9 was not seen, will continue over the next 5 years. So we have to see what that picture when we see a more complete work by Leica in the following locations.

Yu also shared part of the goals clear of Huawei for the future in regards to smartphones:

“We want to be the number one of the manufacturers that sell more smartphones in the world. It’s a long race and we have enough patience. Our growth is primarily for high-end phones. If you want to be the most seller you must lead the high-end”.

Huawei is a company that has found its market in Europe, Middle East and India, but where does not have a large presence is in the United States. However, Yu said that they are in talks with operators to launch some of their devices.

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