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Huawei could launch another Nexus phone

After trying your luck with the Nexus 6 p, Huawei Chinese could try their luck with another device sponsored by Google. The above comes from the statements of an Executive of the company, who told South African media that Huawei would launch a Nexus this year.

According to GearBurn (via Ubergizmo), Charlene Munilall – Manager of the División de Consumo de Huawei in South Africa – said that the company would launch a Nexus this year. While the statements come from a region which is not even distributed the Nexus, and that surely Huawei desmentirá soon, the truth is that doesn’t sound unreasonable.

So far the most rumored for the next Nexus is HTC. The Taiwanese manufacturer has lost a millionaire in recent years, however, his latest creation – the 10 HTC – has proved to be a pleasant surprise. In the same way Huawei does not paint evil since the Nexus 6 p was one of the most cheered phones thanks to your specifications.

How about the possibility of another Huawei Nexus? Whatever the final choice, the company will maintain its strategy to take over the market in a way slowly but surely.

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