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Huawei creates new battery of Graphene which lasts twice as much as the current

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At this point the battery remains the main Achilles heel of most smartphones, what has driven a significant number of research to create a solution that ends with that problem, and Huawei has just presented its latest contribution in this field.

Turns out that the boys of the Watt Laboratory, a division of the popular Asian manufacturer, have revealed to the world, during the 57th Battery Symposium, a new battery that uses to Graphene as a component key to make your life double than the current generation models, and can even resist high heat ranges without collapsing.


Today’s batteries support at most 50° C before you start with their flaws, while the new Huawei model can reach 60 ° C without problem and kept 100% secure and operational. This is should to three factors:

  • A special additive for electrolyte that avoids these evaporate at high temperatures.
  • A series of crystals modified of nickel, magnesium and cobalt, used for the cathode, and to improve the stability thermal of the same.
  • Graphene allows a more efficient cooling of the lithium-ion battery.

Thanks to this mixture the new Huawei battery could be used even on other devices beyond smartphones, where machinery capable of withstanding high temperatures is required.

Not be knows when will come these batteries to its new smartphones.

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