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Huawei explains the situation behind the controversial “not taken” with P9 photography

After the controversy over a photo of Huawei promoting the new Huawei P9 with an image taken with another camera and not with the phone, the company has sent us an official statement where they explain their version of events.

Huawei recognizes that the message posted on social networks “must have been clearer” and that in any case there was malice with the audience.

Statement on the use of an image that was not taken with the P9 Huawei Huawei Mobile in Google + profile

Recently, it has made us notice that an image posted on our social networking profiles has not been taken with our flagship device, as erroneously stated the text in your publication. This photograph, which was taken vocational and used as a reference during an advertising activity for Huawei P9, was shared as an example to inspire our community of followers which is made for users who have expressed their passion for photography. Recognize that said text published due have a message more clear and that it photography before mentioned not express the intention desired of it publication, and by it same not is in the best interest of Huawei the publish any information wrong that can cause confusion among our followers. If this has caused any doubt or misinformation, sincerely we apologize to our customers and followers.

Huawei is, before anything, a company driven by the commitment to our customers and their needs. Part of this commitment is based on delivering premium experiences not only in terms of the quality of our services and devices, but also in interaction and communication in all our official platforms. It will always be Huawei intended to show clear and focused content that illustrate the better values, innovation and functionality of first-class behind each and every one of our products.

How about the explanation of Huawei?

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