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Huawei is already working on the new Kirin 970, a processor manufactured using 10 nm technology

Huawei Kirin 970

If makes not much era Samsung which pulled chest announcing that they had available for use by the leading manufacturers of processors technology to create processors at 10 nm, technology which later became known was going to use one of the big brands, such as Qualcomm, in the manufacture of its new and impressive in terms of benefits Snapdragon 835 now comes the turn of TSMC, a direct competitor of Samsung, which has just announced that they also have a 10 nm process.

As you might expect, here isn’t the news since, as has just been announced, apparently the 10 nm TSMC process would be responsible for manufacturing the next processor Kirin 970 that today would be designing in Huawei. This new generation of processor Kirin would reach the market as generational for Kirin 960 which, thanks to the fact of moving to 10 nm technology, would be by 30% more efficient than the 16 used in the Kirin 960 nm process.

Huawei Kirin 970, a processor that will benefit from the technology of 10 nm that have in TSMC.

As was the case with the processor recently presented by Qualcomm, because this process is 30% more efficient is Huawei can incorporate into its new processor a 30 percent more transistors so is truly able to deliver much higher performance.

At the moment is not known for certain what will be able to this new chip since it is in the prototype stage, yet all the rumors speak of how in Huawei could be preparing a unit equipped with eight cores, four of these Cortex-A73 and four Cortex-A53, which come accompanied by a Mali GPU-G71. One of the most important functionality of this new processor will be the compatibility with LTE cat. 12.

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