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Huawei is not the manufacturer that sold more devices in China


In the last years have seen as Xiaomi is had become in the King of the market Asian, a market that was growing to steps fast. But in the past years, seems that the reign of Xiaomi has arrived to its end. Huawei, it another brand Chinese was who happened in the throne to Xiaomi and is developed in the company that more phones sold in China. But the throne to Huawei it has lasted little less than a year. The King of Kings in sales in China now is Oppo, an Asian manufacturer that are launching terminals with very good performance at a price very content.

In this last quarter, from July to September, Huawei has seen its market share has been reduced from 16.9% to 15%, lowered that Oppo has taken to snatch the top position, reaching a 16.6% share, with a rise of 0.6%. But el manufacturer that has grown in this last quarter live, which has gained a 3% compared to last quarter, also beating Huawei, which descends from the first position to the third. Xiaomi continues dropping quarter after quarter and currently has a share of 10.6%, down 4 points compared to the same period of the previous year.

Apple by its part, have maintained their share of market down so only a tenth and placing is in the 8.4%. In the same quarter of the year last, the share of Apple was of the 12.4%, by what in so only a year has effected a down of four points that is affecting seriously to the numbers that Apple has gone presented during all the year. In the Conference’s results that Apple announced could see as the business of sales of terminals in China has lowered a 30% in comparison with the same period of the year previous.

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