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Huawei lowers forecast of sales for mobile this 2016

Chinese Huawei will lower its expectations of sales of smartphones this year, since mobile 160 million that the company had been selling when their goals were organized for the 2016 may only sell 120 million units until the end of this year.

Growth estimates will register the company at the end of the year will be 13%, which is positive, but quite far from the 30% that Huawei was estimated in its initial plans with a view to 2016.

According to experts, one of the reasons why the Chinese could not achieve their goals for this year is the concentration that has had brand in the mobile medium and highrange. Although their prices are usually not the highest in the market, users are not interested in mass these products due to the fact that people find them too costly, something that is a bit contradictory.

Let us remember that at present, Huawei has become in one of the largest enterprises and better projection mobile market since they have managed to enter the Western market with a range of devices with good performance and good prices.

Finally, makes only a few days ago the company announced that its latest flagship, the P9 is already a bestseller, with more than 2.6 million units sold in countries such as China, United Kingdom, France and Finland. However, it is still them conquer one of the most important, the United States.

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