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Huawei presents in Mexico the new P9

The new banner of Huawei equipment was presented in Mexico along with full range gives the new line p. Huawei P9, waited by the dual camera which was developed together with Leica, is now available at a suggested price of USD $11,999 (USD $637).

P9 has caused a stir since it was presented, and the controversy has not been on hand, but it is clear that Huawei improves with every new version of their teams and this is one case of more. It has a design premium and powerful hardware, which in this case consists of a Kirin 955 CPU, which has proved to be to Mate 8 height, although earlier Chinese phone has a 950. In addition, carries 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, while its battery is 3. 000mAh.

(cc) Carlos G. Gaytán(cc) Carlos G. Gaytán

Obviously what most draws attention, their cameras. Camera main 12MP has a dual system where one takes pictures to black and white, while to the other color. According to Huawei, each shot does a mixture of both lenses to give clear, crisp photos and contrasting. While the front camera, 8MP it has to improve the selfies.

Huawei has decided by a screen of 5.2 “and resolution FullHD, forgetting of QHD resolutions that have other brands, and seems more than adequate.

Interesting that the P9 comes not only, but that also featured the P9 Lite Huawei and Huawei P9 Plus. The first changes the processor by a Kirin 650 and a simple 13MP with sensor Sony IMX214 camera; While the second screen grows 5.5 “, the battery reaches 3. 400mAh, increases up to 4GB of RAM, retains the double system of Leica cameras and has technology Press Touch on the screen, which is something like 3D Apple Touch. The price of P9 Lite is USD $5.499 (USD $292), while the P9 Plus reaches the MXN $15.329 (USD $814).

(cc) Carlos G. Gaytán(cc) Carlos G. Gaytán

During the event, we got to try for a few minutes the P9 Huawei and we discovered that touch feels like a premium thanks to the materials and the design team. In terms of the behavior of the camera, we can say that it behaves to the height and, at least of first impression, the results are outstanding. Missing a test at depth, to be able a give a final verdict.

These teams will also be available with Telcel, AT & T, but did not announce their exact availability nor prices with these operators.

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