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Huawei will present new smartphones on September 1


A few days ago started the summer, in which as usual for example mobile telephony market activity descends largely. Spotlight on rumours about the new Galaxy Note 7 / 7 iPhone continue, but until after these summer dates it is more than likely that we see them officially.

What is already confirmed that we will see officially are new smartphones from Huawei, already has begun to send out invitations for an event that will be held on September 1 in the framework of the IFA. That Yes, at the moment has not been confirmed that smartphones will see there, although Yes that rumors suggest way clear in one direction.

And although the invitation does not offer us no clue and the Chinese manufacturer has not released any detail, everything points to that I could assist in the IFA at the official presentation of the new Mate 9. It is interesting to recall at this point that Matt 8 was presented in November of 2015 so it seems that it would be time to renew the family Mate.

The possibilities that Huawei presents a new Nexus 6 p, something quite unlikely or matte 8 with some important news, but not make the leap to 9th Mate, something that would not be very logical, considering today the market P9 family are also shuffled.

Time and once more touch wait until the day comes the event of Huawei and we know that surprises we have prepared the Chinese manufacturer. That Yes, don’t worry because each piece of news or rumor about this event will it reveal in today Gadgdet.

Do you think that we will see in the event that Huawei has set for September 1?.

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